The welfare of our members and their dependents is deeply ingrained within the principles of Freemasonry. Building from the bottom upwards, through its Lodges, the organisation provides a support structure designed to underpin this principle.

Critical to the success of this principle is the team of Lodge, and Area Almoners, who provide the link between our members and the various support organisations and services available to them in time of need.

These support organisations and services are many and varied. Whilst we anticipate that Lodge Almoners will have a knowledge of many aspects of this, these pages are also invaluable to all members of the Province, to enable them to acquaint themselves, and most importantly, their families and dependents, with services available to them, should the need arise.

The message, from all the team working within the Almoner community is simple,

“We Care”

Neil Morse

Provincial Grand Almoner

June 2021


It must be understood that the information provided on these pages is in no way to be considered a recommendation of any service or service provider. The reader is strongly urged to enquire with due diligence as to the suitability of care and or service being offered. Neither the MCF, the Province of Hampshire and IOW Freemasons or the United Grand Lodge of England accepts any liability for services provided by any of the named agencies contained herein.