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With the recent announcement from Grand Lodge concerning the return to Masonic activities The Provincial Grand Orator, assisted by his team of Area Orators located across the Province, are available to assist lodges with a range of lodge and Chapter Presentations with a number suitable for White Tables both Masonic as well as non-Masonic. New Presentations have been added with all being show by category making it easier to identify and select for your relevant audience.

Our latest page update below shows our full list of published Presentations from which you are most welcome to select from and, using the contact form below, book an Orator for a meeting.

Our approved Service of Remembrance (See Presentation 6g) remains available to lodges and those wishing to use this format should request the service document using the form below. The Provincial Grand Orator will be pleased to assist and provide guidance to lodges.

With many of our Orators engaged in the Area Learning & Development Operations Teams they are well placed to provide activity from SOLOMON or, where a special event or celebration request is in the lodge calendar, write and present one-off Presentations for such events.

A tailored Presentation has also been developed specifically for non-Masonic bodies such as clubs, social organisations etc which can be delivered in a variety of settings. Our range of talks on Masonic subjects have also been written to provide knowledge of Freemasonry to lodges and have been written in parallel with the Membership Pathway project being overseen through the educational objectives of Grand Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Orator seeks introductions to non-Masonic bodies to deliver the Freemasonry Presentation and the assistance of brethren in this context will be most helpful.

Now is the time to plan and book – our Orators are now ready and waiting to confirm your bookings.

We look forward to assisting you in the months ahead.

Available Presentations (updated 7th July 2020)

No Title Suitability Written by Time
Section 1: General Presentations
a * Freemasonry in the modern age Non-Masonic organisations: An explanation of the history structure and modus operandi of modern freemasonry

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

George Mars 30 mins
b * 300 years – A celebration Lodge or white tables: Tercentenary Presentation George Mars 12 mins
c * Holocaust Memorial Day Non-Masonic organisations:  Annual theme of remembrance George Mars 4 mins
d * The bonds we share together Lodges or white tables: A look into freemasonry for non-Masons and the obligations we take and how they affect the past and present (A version suitable for a Burns White Table available) George Mars 25 mins
e * Christmas – from darkness into light Lodges or white tables: a look at Christmas, its origins and Masonic connections George Mars 10 mins
f * Flying on the Square: The Masonic Influence on early flight Two of the UK’s early fliers were influenced by masonry, Sir George Cayley, freemason, designed and flew the first manned glider, and had a direct influence on the Wright Brothers. Amy Johnson, the first female aviator to fly from the UK to Australia, was mentored and influenced by two Masons. The talk explores these individuals and their achievements.

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

ANON 50 mins
g * The Last Flight of Bomber – MZ9399 A personal family account of a bombing raid during the Second World War. Steve Picot 45 mins
Section 2: Masonic histories
a * Formation of the Masonic Province of Hampshire Lodges: A history of the formation of the Province of Hampshire George Mars 16 mins
b * Formation of the Combined Masonic Province of Hampshire Lodges: A history of the formation of the Combined Provinces of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (2019 SGM) George Mars 17 mins
c History, and the United Grand Lodge of England Lodges: an in-depth view of the early days of Freemasonry James Adamson 13 mins
d Jubilee Lodge 40th Celebration Jubilee Jubilee Lodge:  Some history of the lodge and its formation George Mars 20 mins
e James Woodforde: Parson and Freemason Lodges:  An exploration of the life of this historical figure (contemporary of Nelson) and how he embodied Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth in his daily life ANON 45 mins
f * Brother Stebbing – A man of many parts A look at the life and times of W.Bro. Joseph Rankin Stebbing, SGD; the first DPGM of our combined Province George Mars 25 mins
Section 3: Degree Presentations
a A commentary on opening & closing the lodge Lodges: Running commentary as the lodge opens and closes in each degree (Requires lodge officer participation) George Mars 20 mins
b Symbolism – A view from the door Lodges:  Those items of symbolism easily seen on entry to the lodge and their historical background George Mars 30 mins
c Wardens wands, Deacons and DC’s Lodges:  An explanation of the role and use of lodge items James Adamson 9 mins
d The ties that bind us Lodges: A look at our degree obligations and how they should affect our lives George Mars 20 mins
e Some thoughts on the first degree Lodges: A review of the first degree ceremony and its implications George Mars 19 mins
f The language of Freemasonry Lodges: Definitions of the  words used in the first degree as opposed to modern day prose Noel Voice 25 mins
g What is a Fellow Craft Lodges:  A review of the second degree ceremony and its implications George Mars 16 mins
h The journey progresses Lodges Lodges: A short talk in lieu of 2nd tracing board (not for EA’s) George Mars 12 mins
i The Master Mason’s Degree A discourse of the Third Degree Anon

revised by George Mars

30 mins
j SOLOMON A range of talks and presentations from papers within SOLOMON suitable for both Craft Lodges and HRA Chapters.  Please contact the ProvGOrator to discuss requirements. George Mars As individually required
Section 4: Lodge officers
a Mentoring presentation Lodge: An explanation of the role of the lodge mentor George Mars 5.5 mins
b The lodge membership officer Lodges:  An explanation of the role of the lodge membership officer James Kneller 8 mins
c * Masonic Charity Lodges or white tables; An overview of charity within Freemasonry George Mars 20 mins
d What is a Masonic Steward? Lodges:  An exploration of the role of stewards in private, Provincial and Grand Lodges ANON 45 mins
e The Masters Presentation Lodges:  An explanation of the responsibilities and duties of the new Master on Installation night George Mars 5 mins
Section 5: Holy Royal Arch
a Why Join the Royal Arch? Craft lodges: The reasons MM should consider joining the Royal Arch Roger Jago 11 mins
b The final step in pure ancient Freemasonry Craft lodges opened in the third degree: Some deeper understanding for those considering taking that final step towards the Royal Arch Roger Jago / Geoff Tuck 7 mins
c The Three Principals Royal Arch Chapters: A look into the existence of the rulers within a R.A. Chapter ANON 22 mins
d The logistics of King Solomon’s Temple Lodges/Chapters: a real time view of the logistics of building King Solomon’s temple

This Presentation can be supported with a PowerPoint presentation if appropriate

W. Bro. David Skinner 45 mins
e The Platonic Solids: Their science and symbolism Craft lodges opened in third degree and Chapters: The Platonic Solids, such as the cube, appear in the Chapter Room, this lecture explores their appearance, symbolism and significance.

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

ANON 30 mins
f Origins and History of Royal Arch Masonry Craft lodges opened in the third degree and Chapters. An historical look at the origins of the Holy Royal Arch. David Jassar 20 mins
Section 6: National figures and events
a * St George (The virtures of a Freemason?) A look at the legend of St. George George Mars 20 mins
b * Robert Burns a brief history of his time Lodges or white tables: A history of Robbie Burns life and Masonic connections

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

George Mars 25 mins
c * The Address to the Haggis A rendition of the poem by the Bard at Burns supper evenings.  Additional Burns readings by arrangement. Robert Burns 5 mins
d * The Bagpiper If you need a piper for that special occasion we may just the Brother! Piper availability on application As required
e * Traditional Highland Dress The history and explaination of the wearing of Highland Dress George Mars 20 mins
f * A brief history of the Great War 1914-1918 Lodge or white tables; this presentation looks at the lead-up to the Armistice and the effects of the Great War Steve Picot 22 mins
g * Service of Remembrance

(The Vacant Chair / Eulogy in Remembrance)

Lodges: To commemorate the passing of those lost whilst on service and those brethren passing to the G.L.A. during the previous year.  (Suitable for non-Masons to attend)

Approved by the Provincial Grand Master for use within Lodges

George Mars 25 mins


  1. Presentations marked with an asterisk * may be used where non-Masons are present such as a white table event or similar
  2. Most Presentations can be slightly adjusted to meet specific lodge requirements making them personal to the lodge
  3. Specific Presentations (not listed above) can be written given sufficient time
  4. Please speak to the Area Orator direct for advice on any changes or requests.


Provincial Orators Team

Name Area Orator Email Telephone
George Mars Provincial Prov G.Orator (H) 01202 828443
(M) 07881 641038
Ian Greenep NE Area Orator (H) 01428 712230
(M) 07831 663665
Paul Lea NE Area Dep.Orator (H) 01428 654628
(M) 07775 773415
Steve Picot NC
Area Orator
Area Dep. Orator (H) 02380 557020
(M) 07865 407396
James Adamson SE Area Orator (M) 07894 868891
Nick Haswell SC Area Orator (M) 07879 057783
Mick Poole Solent Area Orator (H) 01983 523684 (M) 07966 848571
Wayne Frampton Solent Area Dep. Orator (M) 07941 866518
John Wildish SW Area Orator (M) 07934 638270

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