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The original Orations Scheme was instigated circa 2008 with a limited number of Orations being trialled across this and other Provinces. Their aim was to educate and reflect on various aspects of the Craft and to provide Masonic knowledge at lodge meetings, perhaps as the mainstay of the evening, but more appropriately as a short session or interlude in proceedings tying in with the work of the lodge meeting on the evening of delivery.

Over time, these Orations proved to be somewhat academic in their composition and thus difficult to put across in a meaningful way to our brethren; as a result, the demand for their delivery fell into decline and the role of Grand Orator is no longer an office within Grand Lodge albeit we retain a Provincial Grand Orator within this Province whose role is to:

  • To restyle the Orators Presentations process across the Province
  • Deliver talks and Presentations to non-Masonic bodies to further the understanding of Freemasonry and its values
  • Provide a means to inform, develop and advance Masonic knowledge to lodges
  • To expand the role of the Provincial Grand Orator and Area Orators by providing additional lectures and talks in support of Provincial objectives


With these aims in mind, a tailored Presentation has been developed specifically for non-Masonic bodies such as clubs, social organisations etc which can be delivered in a variety of settings. A range of talks on Masonic subjects have also been written to provide knowledge of Freemasonry to lodges, these talks have been written in parallel with the Membership Pathway project being overseen through the educational objectives of Grand Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Orator seeks introductions to non-Masonic bodies to deliver the Freemasonry Presentation and the assistance of brethren in this context will be most helpful.

The following list of talks and presentations is available to lodges, and designed to entertain and inform brethren on Masonic subjects. Lodges are asked to contact the Provincial Grand Orator for further information using the form below, or directly using email.

Available Presentations

No Title Suitability Written by Time
1 Freemasonry in the modern age Non-Masonic organisations: An explanation of the history structure and modus operandi of modern freemasonry

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

George Mar 30 mins
2 Formation of the Masonic Province of Hampshire Lodges: A history of the formation of the Province of Hampshire George Mars 16 mins
3 300 years – A celebration Lodge or white tables: Tercentenary Presentation George Mars 12 mins
4 Some thoughts on the first degree Lodges: A review of the first degree ceremony and its implications George Mars 19 mins
5 What is a Fellow Craft Lodges:  A review of the second degree ceremony and its implications George Mars 16 mins
6 Mentoring presentation Lodge: An explanation of the role of the lodge mentor George Mars 5.5 mins
7 Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 Non-Masonic organisations:  Annual theme of remembrance George Mars 4 mins
8 Christmas – from darkness into light Lodges or white tables: a look at Christmas, its origins and Masonic connections George Mars 10 mins
9 Robert Burns a brief history of his time Lodges or white tables: A history of Robbie Burns life and Masonic connections

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

George Mars 25 mins
10 The lodge membership officer Lodges:  An explanation of the role of the lodge membership officer James Kneller 8 mins
11 The language of Freemasonry Lodges: Definitions of the  words used in the first degree as opposed to modern day prose Noel Voice 25 mins
12 The logistics of King Solomon’s Temple Lodges/Chapters: a real time view of the logistics of building King Solomon’s temple

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

W. Bro. David Skinner 45 mins
13 The Masters Presentation Lodges:  An explanation of the responsibilities and duties of the new Master on Installation night George Mars 5 mins
14 Jubilee Lodge 40th Celebration Jubilee Jubilee Lodge:  Some history of the lodge and its formation George Mars 20 mins
15 The journey progresses Lodges – short talk in lieu of 2nd tracing board Lodges: A short talk in lieu of 2nd tracing board (not for EA’s) George Mars 12 mins
16 A commentary on opening & closing the lodge Lodges: Running commentary as the lodge opens and closes in each degree (Requires lodge officer participation) George Mars 20 mins
17 Symbolism – A view from the door Lodges:  Those items of symbolism easily seen on entry to the lodge and their historical background George Mars 30 mins
18 Wardens wands, Deacons and DC’s Lodges:  An explanation of the role and use of lodge items James Adamson 9 mins
19 History, and the United Grand Lodge of England Lodges: an in-depth view of the early days of Freemasonry James Adamson 13 mins
20 What is a Masonic Steward? Lodges:  An exploration of the role of stewards in private, Provincial and Grand Lodges Written & delivered by Ed Rochead 45 mins
21 James Woodforde: Parson and Freemason Lodges:  An exploration of the life of this historical figure (contemporary of Nelson) and how he embodied Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth in his daily life Written & delivered by Ed Rochead 45 mins
22 The ties that bind us Lodges: A look at our degree obligations and how they should affect our lives George Mars 20 mins
23 Why Join the Royal Arch? Craft lodges: The reasons MM should consider joining the Royal Arch Roger Jago 11 mins
24 The final step in pure ancient Freemasonry Craft lodges opened in the third degree: Some deeper understanding for those considering taking that final step towards the Royal Arch Roger Jago / Geoff Tuck 7 mins
25 The Platonic Solids: Their science and symbolism Craft lodges opened in third degree and Chapters: The Platonic Solids, such as the cube, appear in the Chapter Room, this lecture explores their appearance, symbolism and significance.

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

Ed Rochead 30 mins
26 Flying on the Square: The Masonic Influence on early flight Two of the UK’s early fliers were influenced by masonry, Sir George Cayley, freemason, designed and flew the first manned glider, and had a direct influence on the Wright Brothers. Amy Johnson, the first female aviator to fly from the UK to Australia, was mentored and influenced by two Masons. The talk explores these individuals and their achievements.

This lecture requires use of a laptop projector and screen

Ed Rochead 50 mins

A eulogy to commemorate the Centenary of the end of The Great War for Civilisation 1914-1918

The eulogy sets out some historic basis for the conflict and to the events leading up to the commencement of the war, the effect of the war itself and finally remembrance of those who gave their lives.

George Mars

 10 mins


  1. Times given are reference at 110 words per minute (approximately)
  2. Most Presentations can be slightly adjusted to meet specific lodge requirements making them personal to the lodge
  3. Specific Presentations (not listed above) can be written given sufficient time
  4. Please speak to the Area Orator direct for advice on any changes or requests.


Provincial Orators Team

Name Area Orator Email Telephone
George Mars Provincial Prov G.Orator (H) 01202 828443
(M) 07881 641038
Ian Greenep NE Area Orator (H) 01428 712230
Paul Lea NE Area Dep.Orator (H) 01428 654628
Ed Rochead NC Area Orator (M) 07917 203277
James Adamson SE Area Orator TBA
Nick Haswell SC Area Orator (M) 07879 057783
TBA Solent Area Orator (H) 01202 828443
(M) 07881 641038
David Rowsell Solent Area Dep. Orator (H) 01983 875305
(M) 07776 346032
Graham Kewley SW Area Orator (H) 01202 883445
(M) 07918 556587

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