Lodge NameNumberDate of WarrantLocationMeetings
Medina Lodge351733Cowes, IoW2nd Thu Sep-May
Lodge of Economy761761WinchesterLast Wed Sep-Apr except Dec
Royal Gloucester Lodge1301772Southampton2nd Thu every month
Lodge of Unity1321764Ringwood2nd Tue Sep-May
Albany Lodge1511801Newport, IoW2nd Mon Sep-Jun
East Medina Lodge1751813Ryde, IoW3rd Wed Sep-May
Lodge of Hengist1951770Bournemouth1st Thu every month
Phoenix Lodge2571786Portsmouth (Phoenix Rm)4th Wed Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov, 24th June 27Th Dec
Lodge of Harmony3091796Fareham1st Thu, Oct-Jun
New Forest Lodge3191799Lymington1st Wed Sep-May
Royal Sussex Lodge3421814Purbrook Centre3rd Wed, Oct-May
Lodge of Peace & Harmony3591819Southampton3rd Mon Sep-May
The Southampton Lodge3941829Southampton3rd Thu Sep-Apr
Union of Malta Lodge
4071831Petersfield2nd Sat Mar(I), Apr, May, Oct & Dec
Portsmouth Lodge4871843Fareham4th Fri Feb, Mar, May, Sep & Nov 3rd Fri Jan, Apr, Oct & Dec
Zetland Lodge5151845Aldershot3rd Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov
Yarborough Lodge5511848Ventnor, IoW3rd Tues, Sep-May
Oakley Lodge6941857Basingstoke1st Mon Oct-Apr (except Jan), 2nd Mon May
Ryde Lodge6981857Ryde, IoW1st Fri Oct-May
Panmure Lodge
7231857Aldershot2nd Tues Oct-May exc Mar
Twelve Brothers' Lodge7851859Chandler's Ford2nd Thurs Jan, Apr, 3rd Thurs Sep, 1st Thurs Dec
Carnarvon Lodge8041859Havant1st Tues Oct-Jun (except Jan)
Gosport Lodge9031861Gosport2nd Tues Sep-May
Lodge of Friendship9281862Petersfield1st Tues Oct-Apr except Jan
Shirley Lodge
11121866Southampton1st Mon Sep-Apr, 1st Thurs May
Aldershot Camp Lodge13311870Aldershot2nd Wed Oct-Apr
Saint Hubert Lodge13731871Andover2nd Tues Sep-May
United Service Lodge
14281873Portsmouth (Naval Club)4th Wed Jan-Nov, 3rd Wed Dec
The Clausentum Lodge
14611873Woolston1st Wed every month (except Jan, Aug, Sep)
Prince of Wales17051877Gosport4th Thurs Sep-Jun (except Dec)
Landport Lodge17761878Purbrook Centre3rd Thurs Sep-May
Albert Edward Lodge17801878Southampton1st Tues Oct-Jun (except Jan)
Duke of Connaught Lodge18341879Purbrook Centre4th Tue Jan-May, Sep-Nov
The Sandown Lodge18691880Sandown, IoW3rd Thurs Sep-May
William of Wykeham Lodge
18831880Winchester2nd Tues Sep-May
Chine Lodge18841880Shanklin, IoWLast Thurs Sep-May
Aldershot Army and Navy Lodge19711882Farnborough4th Thurs Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, 2nd Thurs Dec
Hampshire Lodge of Emulation19901883Eastleigh4th Tues Sep-May (except Dec)
The Shalden Lodge20161883Alton2nd Wed Oct-May
Portsmouth Temperance Lodge20681884Cosham4th Mon Feb-Apr, Sep-Nov
St. Clair Lodge20741884Portsmouth (Naval Club)4th Mon Jan, Mar, May, Jun, Sep, Nov, Dec
Lodge of Hope
21531886Horndean3rd Tues Jan-May, Sep-Nov
Boscombe Lodge21581886Bournemouth4th Thurs Sep-May (except Dec)
Osborne Lodge21691886East Cowes, IoW1st Sat every month (except Jul, Aug)
Farnborough & North Camp22031887Farnborough3rd Wed Feb, Mar, May, Oct, Nov
Horsa Lodge22081887Bournemouth3rd Mon every month (except Jul, Aug)
Border Lodge
24751893Farnham2nd Tues Oct-Apr (except Jan)
Waller Rodwell Wright Lodge27551899Aldershot1st Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov
Needles Lodge
28381900Newport, IoW1st Wed Oct-Jun
Daintree Lodge
29381902Botley2nd Tues Mar to Jul(I), Oct to Dec
Beach Lodge29551903Southampton2nd Wed Oct-Apr
Powney Lodge30991905Lymington3rd Wed Sep-May (except Dec)
Justitia Lodge31301905Bournemouth3rd Fri Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov, 4th Fri Apr
Rowena Lodge31801906Bournemouth3rd Wed every month (except Jul, Aug)
The Victory Lodge35091911Cosham1st Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, July, Oct & Dec, 1st Sat May (I)
St. Michael's Lodge35211911Bournemouth4th Tue Sep, Oct, Nov, Mar, Apr, May.
King Edward VII Lodge38161917Cosham4th Tues Sep-May
Augustus Webster Lodge38711918Southampton4th Tues every month (except Jun-Aug, Dec)
Woolmer Forest Lodge
38721918Bordon4th Wed every month (except Jul, Aug, Dec)
Elvetham Lodge
40131919Basingstoke4th Tues Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Southsea Lodge40711920Portsmouth (Phoenix Rm)4th Thurs Sep-May (except Dec)
Norman Lodge41241920Chandler's Ford4th Mon Sep-Apr, 3rd Wed Dec, May
Aldershot Royal Engineers' Lodge41781920Farnborough2nd Tues Feb, Mar, May(I), Oct, Nov
Palma Virtuti Lodge
41871920Aldershot3rd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep-Nov
Vespasian Lodge42221920Woolston2nd Fri Sep-Jun
Portsdown Lodge43561921Cosham1st Wed Jan-Jun, Oct, Nov
Octa Lodge43971922Bournemouth3rd Thurs Sep-May
Excelsior Lodge45051922Horndean1st Tues Oct-May (except Jan)
Mercury Lodge
45811923Farnborough4th Sat Feb, 4th Wed Mar, Apr, Sep-Nov, Jan
Havant Lodge46891924Havant2nd Wed Sep-May
Aethelberht Lodge47121925Bournemouth1st Fri Oct-Jun
Comrades Lodge47451925Cosham2nd Wed Oct-Jun
St. Swithun's Lodge
47951925Gosport3rd Thurs Sep-Jun
Vortigern Lodge48541926BournemouthLast Fri Sep-Jun (except Dec)
Vale of Avon Lodge48591926Fordingbridge3rd Mon Sep-May (except Dec)
Canute Lodge48761926Southampton2nd Fri Oct-May
Lodge of Concord49101927Southampton4th Fri Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Earl of Malmesbury Lodge49191927Aldershot4th Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Oct 3rd Wed Dec
Caer Gwent Lodge50711928Winchester1st Wed Oct-Apr
Sir Bevis Lodge50721928Southampton4th Sat Sep-May (except Dec)
Fugelmere Lodge50731928Farnborough3rd Thurs Oct-Dec, Feb-Apr
Merdon Lodge51351929Hursley2nd Sat Oct-May
Neptune Lodge
51501929Cosham1st Thurs every month (except Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep)
Domus Dei Lodge
51511929Portsmouth (Phoenix Rm)1st Wed Oct-May
Priory Lodge
52041930Woolston2nd Wed Sep-May (except Dec & Jan)
St. Vincent Lodge
52951931Fareham1st Fri Sep-Jun
Ye Olde Bargate Lodge52961931Southampton2nd Mon Oct-May
Wessex Lodge
52971931Chandler's FordLast week-day Sep-Nov, Jan, Mar-May
Barton Court Lodge54681934New Milton3rd Wed Sep-Apr (except Dec), 3rd Tues Dec
King Arthur Lodge54691934Bournemouth2nd Tues Oct-May
Basing Lodge
55001934Basingstoke4th Thurs Oct, Nov, Jan-May, 3rd Thurs Dec
Hermes Lodge55321935Fareham2nd Fri Sep-May
The Arthurian Lodge56581937Cosham3rd Thurs Sep-May (except Dec)
Lodge of Chivalry56851937Southampton3rd Fri Oct, Dec, Feb, Mar, May, Jun, 2nd Fri Sep
Old Symondian Lodge
57341938Winchester2nd Sat Oct-May (except Dec)
The Bittern Lodge57391938Woolston3rd Mon Sep-Dec, Mar-May
Wayfarers' Lodge57401938Cosham4th Weds Sep to June, except Dec
Lee Britten Lodge57821939Gosport1st Thurs Sep-May (except Jan, Apr)
Twynham Lodge58891943Christchurch1st Mon Sep-Jun (except Jan)
Portsmouth and District Masters' Lodge59901944Cosham4th Fri Jan, 2nd Thurs Apr, Jul, Oct
Test Valley Lodge61811945Totton4th Wed Sep-May (except Dec)
Solent Lodge61821945Cosham3rd Mon Sep-Jun
Southbourne Lodge62811946Bournemouth1st Tues Sep-Jun
Ferneberga Lodge63141946Farnborough3rd Fri Jan, 1st Wed Mar, Apr, Sep – Dec
Hayling Island Lodge64221947Havant2nd Fri Oct-May
Royal Marine Portsmouth Lodge64231947Purbrook Centre3rd Tues Oct-Dec, Feb-Jun
Amery Lodge65101947Alton3rd Wed Oct-Apr (except Jan)
Portus Magnus Lodge
65301947Cosham2nd Fri Oct-Apr, Jun,1st Fri Sep
St. Thomas Lodge
65741947Purbrook Centre1st Wed Sep-Jun except Jan
Forest of Bere Lodge66121948Havant2nd Mon Oct-May (except Dec)
Semper Fidelis Lodge66641948Farnborough1st Mon Oct-Apr
Spithead Lodge
67191948Seaview1st Thurs Oct-May
Absit Invidia Lodge67511948Purbrook Centre1st Tues Sep-Jun
Georgian Lodge67521948Cosham3rd Tues Sep - May
Wolvesey Lodge68181949Winchester3rd Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Cosham Lodge69121949Cosham2nd Mon Sep-Jun (except Jan)
Anton Lodge
69531949Andover1st Thurs Sep-May
Bourne Lodge69591950Bournemouth2nd Fri Sep-May
Rowner Lodge69741950Gosport3rd Mon Sep-May
William Rufus Lodge69791950Totton3rd Wed Sep-May (except Dec)
Netley Abbey Lodge69891950Woolston3rd Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Southampton University Lodge70221950Southampton1st Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec
Cerdic Lodge70301950Bournemouth2nd Thurs Sep-Jun (except Dec)
Brockenhurst Lodge70401950Brockenhurst2nd Fri Sep-May
Hamtun Lodge70831951Woolston3rd Fri Sep-May
Southampton Old Edwardians' Lodge71061951Woolston3rd Tues Sep-Apr
Loyalty Lodge71541952Farnborough2nd Thurs Sep(I), Nov, Jan, Mar, May
Prudence Lodge
71831952Horndean2nd Fri Jan, Feb, May, Oct, Nov.
Haslar Lodge72341952Gosport3rd Tues Sep-Jun (except Jan)
The Elizabethan Lodge
72621953Christchurch3rd Mon Sep-May
Meyrick Lodge
72951953Bournemouth1st Wed Oct-Dec & Feb-Jun, day before first Wed in Jul
St. Mary Lodge73041953HavantLast Wed Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Eling Manor Lodge
73371954Totton1st Fri Oct-May (except Jan)
Lodge of St. Denys73831955Woolston4th Tues Sep-Apr (except Dec)
The West Gate Lodge73871955Totton1st Wed Oct-May (except Jan)
Taverners Lodge
74421956Cosham4th Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, 3rd Fri Dec
King Aelfred Lodge74871956Winchester1st Mon Oct-Apr
Bordon Garrison Lodge75381957Bordon3rd Tues Sep(I), Nov, Jan, Apr & Jun
Lodge of Fraternal Union75701957Chandler's Ford2nd Wed Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May, Sat following 2nd Wed Jul
Sojourners Lodge75971958Bournemouth1st Mon Sep-Jun (except Oct, May)
Vyne Lodge76121958Basingstoke3rd Thurs Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar, May
Sir Francis Drake Lodge76681959Cosham3rd Sat Oct-Apr (except Dec)
Wilfrid Attenborough Lodge76721959Totton2nd Mon Oct-May (except Dec)
Fernhill Lodge77071960New Milton4th Wed Sep-Apr (except Dec), 3rd Wed Dec
Cathedral Lodge77531960Cosham2nd Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec
Oceanus Lodge77851961Eastleigh3rd Thurs Oct-May (except Dec)
More Majorum Lodge
77861961Farnborough3rd Sat Jan, Mar, May, Nov
Portsea Lodge77941961Cosham4th Mon Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Sep & Nov
Alwarestoch Lodge78051961Gosport2nd Wed Oct-May (except Jan, Mar)
Knightwood Lodge78131961Totton1st Tues Sep-May (except Jan)
Vale of Itchen Lodge78161961Eastleigh2nd Sat Oct-May (except Apr)
Docendo Discimus Lodge78181961Chandler's Ford1st Thurs Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov and Jan
Rose Window Lodge78391962Chandler's Ford3rd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct-Dec
Vectensian Lodge78521962Ryde, IoW2nd Fri Oct-May
Aultoun Lodge78991963Alton4th Sat Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar
St. Christopher Lodge
79191963Botley4th Mon Sep-Apr (except Dec, Jan)
Bishopswood Lodge79201963Fareham4th Thurs Sep-May (except Dec), 3rd Thurs Dec
The Forest Green Lodge79251963Totton4th Mon Oct-Apr (except Dec)
Lodge of Hospitality79271963Farnborough2nd Mon Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May
Pear Tree Lodge79541963Woolston2nd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Dec
Lymington Lodge79841964Lymington4th Tues Sep, Oct, Jan-Apr, 2nd Tues Dec
Lyndhurst Lodge80121964Brockenhurst1st Tues Oct-Jun (except Jan), 2nd Tues Jan
Highcliffe Lodge80541965Christchurch2nd Wed Oct-May
Friendship and Justice Lodge80741965Eastleigh3rd Wed Sep-Apr
Totton Lodge80801965Totton4th Thurs Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar,May
Norman Gate Lodge81161966Andover3rd Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Southampton New Temple Lodge81311966Chandler's Ford1st Mon Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr
Homelea Lodge81511966Botley1st Mon Oct, Nov, Feb,Mar, Apr. 2nd Mon May
Ariel Lodge81661967Andover4th Thurs Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Clarence Lodge81671967Gosport4th Tues Mar, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov, 2nd Thu Jan, May & Oct
Titchfield Abbey Lodge
81891967Fareham3rd Wed Oct-May (except Dec)
Bishops Waltham Lodge81901967Botley2nd Fri Oct-Apr
Fair Oak Lodge81911967Chandler’s Ford3rd Wed in Feb, Mar, Apr, Sep, Nov and 2nd Tue in Dec
Clanfield Lodge82031967Horndean2nd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep-Nov
Faith and Confidence Lodge
82221968Winchester3rd Sat Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Loddon Lodge
82231968Basingstoke2nd Thurs Oct-May
Via Lucis Lodge
82281968Christchurch4th Thurs Sep-Jun (except Dec)
Richard Bond Lodge82811969Purbrook Centre4th Thurs Oct-May
Old Portmuthian Lodge82851969Portsmouth (Phoenix Rm)3rd Mon Oct-Apr (except Dec)
Andover Combined Services Lodge83001969Andover3rd Mon Sep-Dec, Mar-May
Meon Valley Lodge83361970Botley3rd Fri Sep-May (except Dec)
Solent Engineers' Lodge83381970Botley3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct-Dec
Eastleigh Lodge83401970Eastleigh3rd Sat Sep-Mar (except Dec), 4th Sat Apr, 3rd Sat May
Crofton Lodge83651970Botley3rd Tues Jan, Mar, May, Sep-Nov
Pudbrook Lodge83661970Botley1st Tues Oct-Dec, Feb-May
Yar Valley Lodge83671970Sandown, IoW1st Mon Oct-Jun
Anniversary Lodge
83851971Aldershot2nd Fri Jan-Mar, May, Sep-Nov
Johore Bahru Lodge83901971Cosham1st Sat Feb-Apr, Sep-Nov
Whitehill Lodge84251972Bordon1st Thurs Mar-May, Oct-Dec
Links Lodge84311972Purbrook4th Sat Oct - May, except Dec & Apr
King's Court Lodge84411972Chandler's Ford3rd Fri Sep-Jun (except Oct, Mar, May)
Lodge of St. Augustine84591972Bournemouth3rd Fri Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov.
Rose of Hampshire Lodge84631972Farnborough3rd Tues Jan, Feb. Apr, Sep-Dec
Lodge of Humility84641972Chandler's Ford1st Fri Oct-Apr
Gateway Lodge
84741972Botley1st Wed Oct-May (except Jan)
Five Heads Lodge
85071973Horndean4th Wed Sep-May (except Dec, Apr)
Hythe Lodge85461973Lymington3rd Tues Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Camelot Lodge85531973Alton3rd Fri Oct-Dec, Feb, Apr, May
St. Matthew of Wyke Lodge85631973Winchester1st Sat Feb-Apr, Sep-Dec
West Wight Lodge85701974East Cowes, IoW4th Mon Sep-May (except Dec)
Fareham Lodge85821974Fareham4th Tues Sep-Jun (except Dec, Apr)
Charles Dickens Lodge85971974Cosham2nd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov, 3rd Thu in Jun, Dec, 4th Mon Oct
Brook House Lodge86061974Botley2nd Wed Oct-May (except Dec)
The William Fawcett Lodge86121974Eastleigh2nd Tues in Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
Wessex Lodge of Fidelity
86811975Fareham4th Mon Sep-Jun (except Dec)
Master Builders Lodge86941975Fareham3rd Mon Sep-May (except Dec, Apr)
Lentune Lodge87431976Lymington2nd Tues Oct-Apr (except Dec), 3rd Tues Dec
Cherry Tree Lodge87491976Bordon2nd Thurs Apr, May, Oct-Dec, Feb
Jubilee Lodge87551976Bournemouth2nd Mon Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov, Dec.
St. Boniface Lodge87901977Ryde, IoW4th Tues Sep-Apr (except Dec)
Mayflower Lodge88151977Chandlers Ford3rd Thurs Oct-May (except Dec)
Drayton Lodge88321978Cosham2nd Thurs Sep-Jun (except Apr, Oct)
The Isle of Wight Masters' Lodge88471978Shanklin, IoW3rd Fri Jun, Dec
Mid Wessex Lodge of Installed Masters88591978Farnborough3rd Mon Mar, Jun, Oct
Fleet Air Arm Lodge88671978Fareham3rd Thurs Jan, Mar, Jun, 2nd Thurs Sep, Nov
Vectis Fairway Lodge
89231979Shanklin, IoW1st Wed Mar, Oct, Nov. 2nd Wed Feb, Apr, Dec
Karwan Lodge89701981Fareham4th Wed Oct-Apr (except Dec)
The Knole Lodge89961981Bournemouth3rd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Horndean Lodge of Harmony90151982Horndean3rd Wed Oct-May (except Dec)
Headley Lodge
90721982Bordon3rd Wed Sep, Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb, May
Yateley Lodge91071983Farnborough1st Thurs Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Bournemouth and District Masters' Lodge91521984Bournemouth4th Mon Mar & Jun, 2nd Mon Oct
The Southampton and District Masters' Lodge91811985Southampton1st Fri Jun, 4th Wed Sep, 3rd Tues Feb
St. Peter's Lodge91821986Petersfield1st Fri Feb, Mar, May (I), Oct, Nov, Dec
Deanery Lodge91911986Woolston4th Wed Sep, Oct, Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun, 4th Thurs Nov
Pilgrims' Lodge91981986Horndean1st Wed Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug
Thomas Bennett Langton Lodge92241986Botley4th Wed Feb-Apr, Sep-Nov
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodge
92631987Chandlers Ford4th Fri Mar, Nov, 1st Fri Jul
James E. Bullen Lodge92731988Cosham3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep, Nov (I)
Alder Tree Lodge92891988Farnborough1st Tues Mar-May, Oct-Dec
Lodge of Expatiation92901988Christchurch2nd Tue Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec
United Progress Lodge93361989Farnborough1st Fri Feb, Apr, Jun, Nov, Dec
Prytaneion Lodge
93401989Chandler's Ford2nd Fri Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May
Rotary Lodge of Hampshire93891990Botley3rd Thurs Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May
Lodge of Maturity93901990Chandler's Ford1st Tues Feb, Mar, Oct, Nov
Pegasus Forces' Lodge
93931990Farnborough4th Fri Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov
Ashburn St. Johns Lodge93951990Farnborough2nd Thurs Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov
Forest Villages Lodge94051990Brockenhurst4th Mon Feb, Apr, Sep, Oct; 3rd Mon Dec
Tudor Rose Lodge
94771992Portsmouth (Naval Club)Last working day Jan, Mar, May, Sep-Nov
Falegia Lodge94991992Totton2nd Fri Sep-Mar
Holybourne Lodge95071993Alton1st Thurs Sep, Nov, Jan, Feb, Apr
Evingar Lodge
95121993Winchester3rd Wed Oct, Nov, Feb, Mar, Apr
East Hampshire Masters' Lodge95131993Petersfield4th Mon Jan, Apr, Sep.
Thomas Dunckerley Lodge95141993Chandler's FordPenultimate working day Mar and Nov
New Forest Lodge of Installed Masters96651997Christchurch2nd Thurs Feb, 2nd Tues May, 1st Thurs Nov
Ernest Moss Lodge97802004Cowes, IoW4th Wed Mar(I), Sept, Oct. 1st Thurs June (White Table)
Pax Hill Lodge98782012Chandler's Ford4th Fri Feb, Apr, Sep, Oct
Rugby Bastion Lodge98962014Purbrook3rd Friday Feb, Apr, Sep(I), Nov.
Lodge of Brevity99032014Chandler’s Ford3rd Tue Feb Mar(I), Apr, Oct, Nov, Dec.
Chequered Flag Lodge99142015Bordon4th Mon Feb, May, Sep, Nov(I).
Football Lodge99212016Botley3rd Wed, Feb, May, Sep(I), Nov
Spinnaker Lodge99322016Portsmouth (Naval Club)Last Wed, Jan(I), 1st Sat May, June, Sept. Last Wed Nov.
Motorcyclists Lodge99392017Farnborough3rd Thur Apr, May, June, July & 3rd Friday Sep (I)
Samuel Cody Aviation Lodge99532018Bordon1st Wed Feb (I), Mar, Jun, Oct & Nov
Vectis Services Lodge99692019Ryde, IoW1st Sat Feb, Apr, Sept (I), Oct & Nov