What is Masonic Mentoring?

The textbook says:

“Mentoring is a fundamental form of human development where one person invests time, energy and personal know-how in assisting the growth and ability of another person”

Make sense? Let’s make it a little more relevant:

“Masonic Mentoring is a learning process where a more experienced brother invests time, energy and Masonic experience in assisting, and caring for a new brother so that he may enjoy his Masonry to the full.”

What does that last bit “ .. to the full” mean?

Well, not everybody wants the same from their Masonry. The main thing is to ensure that our newer brethren are enjoying their masonry so much that they not only wish to stay, but also wish to take an active part.

Although a mentoring programme may be primarily aimed at new candidates and we often refer to ‘newer brethren’, it may also be used to encourage others who have stopped attending.

Whilst any mentoring scheme, by its very nature, must inevitably be tailored to the needs of the candidate, it is not only the candidate who will ultimately benefit. In the longer term, great benefits will also accrue to the Lodge in terms of continuity, by ensuring active younger men are available to pick up and carry the baton.