The Lodge Mentor

It is the responsibility of every Lodge to look after and care for its members and the Lodge needs to ensure that a Personal Mentor is appointed for every Candidate. The Lodge Mentor has a vital role to play, as it is his responsibility to ensure that the Mentoring process is not only implemented, but that it also works effectively in his Lodge. To do so he must;

  1. Be fully aware of the Mentoring process, what it is trying to achieve and what ‘success looks like’.
  2. Make sure that all the members of his Lodge are aware of Mentoring and what benefits it will bring to their Lodge.
  3. Ensure Mentors fully understand the aims and objectives of the programme.
  4. Ensure Mentors attend any training courses or workshops provided.
  5. Match the right Mentor to the Candidate. This will of course vary according to the size of Lodge membership and the availability of suitable Mentors. It would be helpful to be involved at the early stages of a candidate’s application to the Lodge. This will allow him to start thinking of a suitable match. Remember not to disregard the Proposer or Seconder, as they may have the ability to fulfil the role.
  6. Take time to ensure the Candidate and Mentor form a good initial relationship. Do they sit together both in the Lodge and at the Festive Board? Is there a good relationship between them and the Proposer and Seconder?
  7. Report his findings to the Lodge; perhaps he may be given an opportunity to give a Lodge Mentor’s Report in open lodge.
  8. Perhaps deliver a Short Paper on Masonic Mentoring (Annex A) in open Lodge.