Information Service – Rules for Publication

The purpose of this document is to identify what will, or will not, be published on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Provincial Information Service:

Permitted (always):

  • Official Information from Grand Lodge
  • Official Information from Provincial Grand Lodge and other Provinces on request
  • Royal Arch communications such as the notification of forthcoming AGM’s etc. Other communications should conform to the rules laid down in this document.
  • Festival related activity if sanctioned by the Festival Director (please note that during a Festival period no advertisements for non-festival related events will be permitted prior to the event taking place).
  • Grants by the main Masonic charities and Provincial Charities e.g. Tom Langton Fund
  • Assistance with events which have Provincial sanction and which conform to current Provincial initiatives (e.g. Hants Masonic Golf, Open Days, Dine a Friend etc.)
  • Tom Langton Fund and other Provincial charities – Whilst in ‘Festival’ only information relating to the distribution of funds will be permitted.

Maybe permitted:

  • Obituaries and announcements of funeral details for Brethren who have served as members of the Provincial Cabinet.
  • Individual requests for volunteer Charity assistance. That is the Info Service will not permit requests for donations or promote monetary appeals for specific non-Masonic Charities (as above), but exceptions may be made when non-Masonic Charities are seeking volunteer help, for example, in providing carers or physical volunteer labour.
  • Articles from Private Lodges when a donation of equipment is involved may be permitted. Articles involving donations of cheques or sums of money to non -Masonic Charities, for unspecified purposes, will not be admitted, as this is, simply, tantamount to publicity for that non-Masonic Charity.
  • Exceptional articles that are deemed to be of interest to the entire Province, at the discretion of the Provincial Communications Officer.

Not permitted

  • Individual Lodge Ladies Evening advertisements
  • Individual Lodges or individual Masons seeking donations to ‘favourite’ non – Masonic Charities.
  • Obituaries and announcements of funeral details for individual Brethren who have not served on the Provincial Cabinet.
W.Bro. Rod Armitage, PAGSuptWks
Provincial Communications Officer (May 2018)