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Hampshire & IOW Pathway App

In line with the Provincial Learning & Development Strategy, each of our Areas has now appointed its own L&D Operations Team responsible for the implementation of Learning & Development to the lodges within its Area.

These Operations Teams have been briefed as to the concept and the use of Solomon as a resource tool and will shortly begin the process of introducing various initiatives to their respective lodges. A previous Provincial Communication (L&D Communication No2) provided a step-by-step guide to accessing Solomon in the World Wide Web.

We are now delighted to advise that a special App the Hampshire & IOW Pathway App has been created specifically for mobile phones, iPad, tablet or PC to assist brethren accessing Solomon along with a range of other useful links such Square Events, Facebook, Twitter and numerous other Provincial activities. This app can be downloaded very easily and will become invaluable in every freemason’s toolbox:-

  1. Open App Store or Google Play on Smart phone or Tablet
  2. Type TEAM APP in search area and select GET
  3. When downloaded, Select OPEN and scroll up and select LOG IN or SIGN UP
  4. Enter your email address and select CONTINUE
  5. When prompted ‘Do you want to create a new Team App Account’ select YES
  6. Check your email and find the email from Team App marked ‘Team App (Do Not Reply)’
  7. Open email and copy 4 digit code
  8. Submit the Pass Code and select SUBMIT
  9. In user Profile page, Enter your NAME , DOB & UNITED KINGDOM and select SAVE
  10. If you agree to terms, select SAVE
  11. Select ‘Search for an existing App’
  12. In the search area of ‘Find Your App’ Type in ‘PATHWAY’ and select Search
  13. Scroll down to Select ‘Hampshire & IOW Pathway’
  14. Select ‘Become a member of this Team App’
  15. Select ‘Players & Officials’ and then Select ‘AGREE’
  16. Close App and relaunch to complete

Screenshot of the Team Application in use

George Mars, PAGDC; Executive Lead – Learning & Development
Telephone: 01202 828443 Mobile: 07881 641038 email: george.mars@btinternet.com

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