Charles Dickens Lodge WM travels to the Falkland Islands for Charity Donation

W.Bro. Alan ‘Sharkey’ Ward of Charles Dickens Lodge No 8597, whilst in the Chair of King Solomon,  chose Liberty Lodge as one of his Charities and has now travelled 8000 miles to present the cheque in the Falkland Islands.

Liberty Lodge provides quality accommodation for Veterans of the Falklands War to stay whilst visiting the islands to tour battlefields and lay ghosts to rest and pay respects to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  There were 255 members of the British Task Force and 3 Falkland Islanders who sadly lost their lives and many more that bear the scars of war, either physically or indeed mentally and a visit to the Islands and the stay at Liberty Lodge has helped many to come to terms with the horror of war.

The Falklands Veterans Foundation is a U.K. charity that supports Liberty Lodge which costs approximately 40K a year to run, as well as Charles Dickens Lodge, the charity has received donations this year from Hermes Lodge No 5532 and Moira Lodge No 92A for which the charity is most grateful!

Please look at the FVF website for more details

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