2018 Lifelites Appeal

The PGM’s 2018 appeal for Lifelites / Naomi House & Jacksplace

At the extraordinary meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge held in February 2018 the Provincial Grand Master launched his 2018 appeal to assist Lifelites with the provision of specialised technology to Naomi House’s  Long Term Ventilation (LTV) unit. – Lifelites will be using this project as a pilot for similar projects at other children’s hospices.  These are wonderful innovative charities, working together for the benefit of children and young persons with life limiting conditions and he was delighted to pledge the continuing support of Hampshire & Isle of Wight Freemasons.

The appeal follows last year’s successful raising of in excess of £50,000 for Lifelites to provide updated equipment for Naomi House and maintain that equipment for four years until the next update will be required.  The target of £50,000 was raised by the time of our AGM in July when the appeal was closed thanks to the generosity of brethren across the Province.

The Provincial Grand Master now hopes to raise a further £20,000 during this appeal and has asked our members and Lodges to continue their support for Lifelites to enable them to build upon their amazing work in conjunction with Naomi House and Jacksplace.

What is Lifelites and what is their engagement with Naomi House and Jacksplace?

For many years now, Naomi House and Jacksplace have provided innovative solutions for care for life limited children and young people in the area. In November 2017, their play team won a coveted award for their imaginative approach to entertaining their visitors who have complex physical and cognitive conditions.  Lifelites is proud to have been able to support them in this work through the provision of specialist technologies.

Once again, the Winchester hospice is seeking to be ahead of the game by offering a new facility to support children and young people on long term ventilation.  The flexibility and accessibility of Lifelites technologies present the ideal solution to address the challenges of communication, accessibility, education and entertainment for visitors to the LTV.

Following discussions with the team at the hospice, Lifelites have put together a package which takes into account the specific needs of the young people in the LTV, as well as the cumbersome nature of their life saving equipment and limited space in the rooms.  Lifelites will ensure that each package is as interchangeable as possible to allow for the different elements to be used in flexible set ups in order to provide maximum benefit for all the residents of the unit at any one time. More information about the work of Lifelites may be found here.

What if I have a question?

Enquiries about the 2018 Provincial appeal should be addressed to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward or your Area Charity Steward.

How and where to donate

The process will be the same as used in the magnificent response to the 2017 appeal:

  • Ideally donations from individuals should be Gift Aided. The Provincial Charity Steward would be pleased to supply approved Hants & IOW Gift Aid forms upon request.
  • Donations (with Gift Aid envelopes) should be sent to  the MCF Relief Chest Scheme at 60 Great Queen Street London WC2B 5AZ.
  • Cheques should be made payable to “The Relief Chest Scheme” and must be credited to the “PGL Hants & IOW Lifelites Fund No E0170”. You may use the standard relief chest forms available by way of the MCF website here.


W Bro Kevin Head
Provincial Grand Charity Steward
2 February 2018