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A timely new Lodge
Friday 13th March 2015 proved to be
a very happy day and an extremely memorable occasion for all those
who attended the Consecration of
Lodge of Brevity at the Novotel Hotel, Southampton. The Provincial Grand Master, Michael John Wilks, accompanied by officers of Provincial Grand Lodge conducted the ceremony in a most impressive manner with founders of the new Lodge taking an active part in the proceedings.
In his oration on the “Nature and Principles of the Institution”, the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Reverend Robin Nash, referred to the consecration as the culmination of dedication, determination and desire on the part of the founders who had worked tirelessly to bring the new lodge into being. The Lodge of Brevity aims to respond to the pressures
The Lodge of Brevity aims to respond to the pressures of modern life by being flexible to
the demands, which are made upon so many of those who would potentially become freemasons.
Assistant Provincial Grand Master Noel Voice installed as Primus Master of The Lodge of Brevity.
of modern life by being flexible to the demands which are made upon so many of those who would potentially become freemasons but have been reluctant to join because of constraints upon their availability, not least business and family commitments.
Whilst maintaining the ethos of freemasonry, and preserving the ceremonial essentials of the work in the lodge room, the new lodge will endeavour to conduct other parts of the proceedings with as much expediency and efficiency as possible, so that the brethren may continue to be enriched by their masonic ritual. The founders are sure that future new members will be inspired by the same masonic zeal which has been fundamental throughout our history and the vision for the future of the lodge will be fulfilled.
The founders themselves come from diverse masonic backgrounds but all have one thing in common – their love of freemasonry. They are the pillars of this new venture and the levels of experience and array of skills and talents will
ensure the smooth running of the lodge, particularly in the first years of its life.
Following the consecration Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Noel Voice was installed as the primus master by his fellow APGM, Jon Whitaker, assisted by members of the Provincial Executive. The Warrant of the Lodge was presented to the Master by the PGM who also gave a moving Address to the Brethren.
The Installation was followed by a dinner attended by over 200 brethren and the sum of £1,000 was raised for the Winchester Cathedral Learning Centre Appeal. In response to his toast the Master thanked the PGM and all those who had been involved in the planning and organisation leading up to, and including, the consecration and installation. He also commented that everyone who took part had helped to make the event so very special and an occasion never to be forgotten.
Noel Voice

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