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I nI ns si gi gh ht t Your window into Hampshire
& Isle of Wight Freemasonry
North East Light Blues Clubs – A hit with the locals
Northeast Area Light Blues Club members and visitors photographed at Farnborough Masonic Centre after the demonstration of a 1st degree ceremony
A ritual festival held at Farnborough Masonic Centre recently and hosted by the NE Area Light Blues Club was hailed as a great success and indicative of the popularity of these
clubs throughout the province. Historically speaking, groups of ‘light blues’, that is those brethren who have yet to receive provincial honours, already exist elsewhere in Hampshire and Isle of Wight and other provinces.
Light Blues Clubs founded in this province, as in others, give young freemasons the opportunity to meet
and socialise with like-minded people of similar ages in their area. Membership
of the clubs is automatic and free, and open to any freemason regardless of age in H&IOW. These groups have performed particularly well in both the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing brethren, these being critical issues for the craft in general.
The North East Light Blues Club was formed by Assistant Provincial Grand Master Bill Withers with the help of others to increase involvement amongst
our light blue masons. From the outset, their vision for the club’s existence was that it must be an independent, informal mechanism, providing the means to increase and encourage engagement between all light blues, and be a platform for free-thinking and debate amongst a previously unheard of group of brethren, in many cases having years of freemasonry ahead of them. The club is therefore a good opportunity to meet new brethren, share their thoughts about masonry and more importantly, seek more knowledge through asking questions. Meeting both formally and socially should greatly assist their retention and encourage them to introduce their friends, which is of major importance.
On a formal basis, these clubs organise visits which provide a wonderful opportunity for younger and more junior brethren to visit different centres and lodges, thus improving and expanding their masonic knowledge. This in turn engenders closer masonic bonds
of friendship between the clubs and strengthens the links between individual lodges not only in the area but across the province as well.
Socially, the clubs provide a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow masons
in a different environment and enjoy
Light Blues’ Curry Night
regular social events and excursions such as curry nights, pub and brewery visits, white table events and visits to Grand Lodge, to many of which they are encouraged to bring their families and non-masonic friends with them. The club communications teams ensure that both formal visits and informal socials are advertised well in advance via the social media and other means in sufficient time for individuals to plan ahead.
It is a widely held view that the Light Blues Club concept is a great asset
and success in our province and further afield, providing a wonderful opportunity for brethren to make new friends, share thoughts, ask questions and advance their masonic knowledge, whilst socially enjoying the company of family and friends in a fun and informal environment.
Robert Robinson

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