Welcome to the Mentoring information area

The Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight provides mentoring advice and guidance to help improve the experience of our members.  The current Provincial and Area teams are as follows:


  • Provincial Mentor – W.Bro. John Donoghue
  • Provincial Deputy Mentor – W. Bro. Mike Hibberd


  • North Central Area APGM – W.Bro. Roy Quinn
  • North Central Area Mentor – W.Bro. Malcolm Hammond


  • North East Area APGM – W.Bro. Bill Withers
  • North East Area Mentor – W.Bro. Andrew Duff


  • South Central Area APGM – W.Bro. Jon Whitaker
  • South Central Area Mentor – W.Bro. Michael Hibberd


  • South East Area APGM – W.Bro. Barrie Hewitt
  • South East Area Mentor – W.Bro. Peter Coyle


  • South West Area APGM – W.Bro. Leon Whitfield
  • South West Area Mentor – W. Bro. John Mantle


  • Solent Area APGM – W.Bro. David Foot
  • Solent Area Mentor – W.Bro. Nigel Linfield
  • IOW Area Mentors – W. Bro. Clive Dobson & W. Bro. Peter Edward


Mentor Guidance

1 Introduction to Mentoring
2 What is Masonic Mentoring?
3 The Mentoring Relationship
4 Skills and Qualities of a Mentor
5 The Role of the Mentor
6 Mentoring Organisation
7 The Lodge Mentor
8 The Personal Mentor
9 Proposer & Seconder
10 Conclusion
11 Mentoring Checklist
12 Short Paper on Mentoring