Welcome to the North East Area page. Below this you will find details of the Area’s key personnel. Below the personnel you will find direct links to the Area’s other resources such as Social Media and Website links connecting you to the Area’s Centres and Light Blues’ Clubs.

APGM: Bill Withers

Area Chairman: Peter Vosser

Deputy Area Chairman: Adrian Bean

Area Vice-Chairman : David Conway-Holland (A/shot & F’ham)

Area Vice-Chairman: Kevin Head (Alton)

Area Vice-Chairman: Ian Greenep (Bordon)

Area Vice-Chairman: Simon Banham (Farnborough)

Area Vice-Chairman: Richard Lucas (Petersfield)

Secretary: Charles McGeoch

Treasurer: Alan Davey

Mentor: Andy Duff

Deputy Mentor: Guy Sudron

Membership Officer: Ian Hockney

Area Almoner: Terry Owens

Deputy Area Almoner: Nick Doyle

Area Charity Steward: Stephen Russell

Area Orator: Mike Ingram

Area Deputy Orator: Paul Lea

Communications Officer: Jeremy Ward

Click on the following headings to gain access to their online presences
Aldershot Masonic Centre – Website
Alton & Aldershot Group – Facebook Page
Bordon Masonic Centre – Facebook Page
Farnborough Masonic Centre – Facebook Page
Farnborough Masonic Centre – Website
Petersfield Masonic Centre – Facebook Page
North East Area Light Blues Club – Facebook Page