Information for Freemasons and their families

The little yellow booklet, which has previously been called “Information about Masonic Charities” and “The Masonic Charities”, and which is included in the sale of copies of the Grand Lodge Book of Constitutions, has been up-dated.

When the booklet was first published in 1983, Grand Lodge approved that every member of the Craft should possess a copy.  To help achieve this, copies were distributed for presentation with the Book of Constitutions to all initiates, joining members and Masters on installation.  Many Lodges and Provinces also requested bulk supplies for further distribution both to Masons and others.

Now that all four of the main Craft Charities are together in one location, the opportunity has been taken to up-date the booklet.  This means that once again a major distribution is necessary if members of the Craft are to have easy access to information about the help that is available to them and their families.  Details about the Benevolent Fund of the Mark Grand Lodge are also included in the booklet.

An electronic version of the booklet is downloadable from the Grand Lodge website and from some of the Charities’ websites.  A copy is also attached here: Information About Masonic Charoties.  However, the bound and printed version is a convenient size and many Brethren may prefer this.  An initial supply of 10 copies is being sent to all Provincial Grand Lodges (via Provincial Grand Secretaries), but if anyone would like more copies please send a request to Natasha Treweek at The Grand Charity office:-


There is no charge for the booklet, but after initial requests from Provinces have been completed, Letchworth’s Shop (in Freemasons’ Hall, London) will be dealing with the distribution of copies and a charge may be made for postage.