There still appears to be some uncertainty among Brethren as to which charitable donations qualify under the Gift Aid Scheme and how easy it is to give freely, so that a Charity can reclaim this additional tax benefit. The website link below is provided so that brethren may visit it and download the latest information for themselves

Receipts from Lotteries and Lodge Raffles do NOT qualify for Gift Aid.

The web page Revenue & Customs – Gift Aid an Overview provides official answers regarding and an overview of Gift Aid including which and when donations qualify under the scheme. Links are available on this page dealing with all aspects of charitable giving including “Customer Guides” “Forms” “Detailed Guidance Notes” “Charity Legislation” “Helpsheets and Booklets” “Charities Search” “Payroll Giving” “Frequently Asked Questions” and “What’s New for Charities?”

You can also download a comprehensive guide, icon Make Giving Go Further, from this website.

Sincerely and fraternally,
W.Bro. Barrie Hewitt
Provincial Grand Charity Steward