The Provincial Grand Master has established a new Hampshire and Isle of Wight Masonic Centres Fund (MCF). The aim of the MCF is to be able to offer guidance, assistance and professional advice, if and when required, to the trustees and those responsible for the management and well being of our Masonic Centres. This will enable money to be spent cautiously and wisely, not only for the benefit of Masons today, but also for those who are to follow.

A Management Committee has been established under the chairmanship of Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W. Bro. Trevor Offord. The committee have at their disposal a team of in house experts and professionals covering all eventualities which may arise in purchasing, building, furnishing, maintenance, improvements and the management of our Masonic Centres.

In the long term, with the support of the membership, there will be a fund available to offer financial assistance to suitable Masonic Centres for improvements, extensions, major refurbishments, relocation and rebuilding – after consideration and approval by the Management Committee. In the short term it is hoped to offer limited assistance in cases of emergency.

Each Masonic Centre will appoint a MCF representative who will be responsible for communication with the brethren of the Lodges of that Centre. It is thereby hoped to make every brother in the Province aware of the MCF and the guidance and assistance it can offer to make his Masonry better and our Masonic Centres places in which he would be proud to introduce his friends.

W. Bro. Jeff Southwick, Secretary of the MCF management committee, said “We are here to help in a reactive way, and not as some sort of proactive, dictatorial body foisted upon the Brethren. That is not to say that we shall not be proactive in offering guidance in a general way. For example, we have information about the licenses which Masonic Centres should obtain from the Performing Rights Society which we are about to circulate to the Centres, as well as details of an insurance scheme which some Centres already use, but others may not know of and may find helpful and economical.”