Page 4 - March 2015 Newsletters of Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight
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healthcare, Smartcare CF, which will use the latest technology to allow patients to monitor their conditions from home.
Emmaus UK has been awarded £40,000 to fund the salary of a Capacity Building Advisor
who will be responsible for expanding their operations around the UK.
The Haven (Breast Cancer Haven) has been awarded £30,000 to maintain and expand their Welfare, Benefits and Money Advice service.
Signature has been awarded £18,000 for the development of a GCSE in British Sign Language.
SHINE has been awarded £35,000 to fund the salary of a Development Coordinator.
Emmaus is a homelessness charity which aims to allow socially excluded people to regain control of their lives by offering a home, meaningful work and a sense of belonging to a community.
Figures show that the number of rough sleepers has risen steadily since 2010 which has sadly coincided with reductions in funding to organisations which strive to alleviate this issue. However, Emmaus has managed to resist this trend and expand their operations around the UK, aiming to provide accommodation for 750 individuals by 2017 with plans to open three new communities in 2015. This year, Emmaus was

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