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28th February 1767
Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire & Isle of Wight
Anniversary Committee
for the UGLE Tercentenary and other events
28th February 2017
You will already be aware of the upcoming anniversaries which will be celebrated over the next few years as detailed in the recent Provincial Newsletter No. 384, and which were mentioned in the Provincial Grand Master's address at the Annual General Meeting on 2nd July this year: the Tercentenary of Grand Lodge, the 250th Anniversary of the Province of Hampshire and the 150th Anniversary of the amalgamation of the Provinces of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.
Notification was given last October that a completely revised and updated history of the Province is to be prepared as an online e-book, thus making it freely accessible and searchable by both members and the public.
The last time the history of the whole Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight was produced and published was in 1991 by W. Bro. Bob Laugharne who had used material from an even earlier History written in the 1930’s.
It is now our intention to update that history again in time for the Tercentenary in 2017.
To help assist this process it will be necessary to obtain updated information about lodges or a completely new entry for lodges Consecrated since 1991. It will be possible to send lodges the relevant texts published in 1991 should that be helpful. Many lodges have published their own, sometimes extensive, booklets but the intention is for concise entries of no more than the equivalent to a couple of pages of A4. It will be possible to scan-in previously written documents.
The format being used for the online e-book can be seen by clicking the link below or typing the address into a browser
Every lodge will be contacted individually in due course and be invited to take part in this comprehensive and prestigious project. Brett Clark, co-ordinator for the project, is about to commence this process and will be in contact with Lodge Secretaries on a rolling program over the next few months.

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