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The central Masonic Charities have donated £17,856,591 in the twelve months to 31/12/2014
Quarterly Provincial Statistics for the Fourth Quarter of 2014
To Metropolitan Grand Lodge and all Provincial Grand Lodges,
The latest edition of the quarterly reports which show the value of financial support made by the four central Masonic Charities (The Freemasons’ Grand
Charity, Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and the Masonic Samaritan Fund) is available to download by clicking the icons or text links below.
The report is available to download as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or PDF:
The report shows the values of the grants made and the number of beneficiaries for each Charity by Province over the last 12 months. It also shows the total value
of the grants for the five years to 31/12/2013.
Please note that the total value of the grants for the five years to 31/12/2014 will be issued with the Quarterly Provincial Statistics for the First Quarter of 2015.
We hope this information will be useful as well as assist you both in fundraising and in demonstrating the support which is available from the central Masonic charities.
The next update will be sent in the spring.

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