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17. There are major changes planned for the Masonic Charities including of course the RMTGB and indeed our present Appeal will be the last Appeal of its kind in which this Province will be involved. The planned changes will be the subject of the RMTGB Annual Court which the Province will be privileged to arrange and which will be at the Novotel on the 5th October next. Details will be promulgated to all Lodge Secretaries and on the Provincial Information Service and attendance is expected from Patrons of the RMTGB across all 47 Provinces. It promises to be a very busy day. Not of course to be confused with our Festival celebration which will be at the Bournemouth International Centre on 22nd October 2016.
18. I now return to the main objective of this Meeting, which is a celebration for those I have appointed and promoted. I trust that they will enjoy the rest of the evening; and all the years to come in their respective offices.
19. I thank the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge for organising the construction of a Lodge Room from a restaurant, shortly to be a restaurant again, which started at 8 this morning. And of course our Provincial GDC and his Deputies, and the Provincial Secretariat who have work tirelessly to ensure the success of the occasion. And last but certainly not least, our Choir who always add lustre to these occasions.
20. Finally may I thank you all for your attendance today, for supporting this meeting, and making it special for those who have been honoured.
MJW/02022015 RW Bro. Mike Wilks Provincial Grand Master

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