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5. I exclude from these comments of course those brethren who have been promoted as a result of their successfully performing their duties as Visiting Officers. I certainly expect them to continue with their efforts in this increasingly important role within the Province.
6. We are now beginning to reap the benefits of the Area structure which was established after much preparation last July. This was a fundamental change to the management of the Province. Creating a management structure in each Area of the Province was a huge undertaking and I wish to thank all those involved in its implementation – it is gratifying to see the commitment and enthusiasm amongst the brethren without which the restructure could not have been achieved.
7. There will now be a period of Consolidation within the Areas. The data from Grand Lodge which is now readily available and to which I have referred in previous Addresses is now being obtained and reviewed on a regular basis so that each Area can monitor and assess its own progress; and we can learn from each other.
8. It is so good to see the Area teams working together and I wish to thank the Area Officers for the enormous support which they have given to me during my Official Visits.
9. I have also been impressed by the quality of our Masonic Centres – some purpose built but all adapted to serve our brethren in the current environment. During my discussions with those involved in the management of Masonic Centres, it is apparent that there are a number of innovative ideas which have been implemented in some Centres and which have been highly successful. I commend the brethren involved for their initiative but there is no current means by which these initiatives can be shared with others. This is a sad omission as it effectively means that our Masonic Centres will not learn from each other – and on occasions will be re-inventing the wheel which has already been successfully used elsewhere.
10. I have therefore decided that the appointment of Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works will now be a 3 to 5 year appointment, subject of course to annual review. The Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works will form a Committee comprising Area Superintendents of Works so that these matters can be addressed – effectively a pool of talent and information available to all Centres.

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