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6th February 2015 Special Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge
Please see below the Provincial Grand Master’s Address in full:
1. Brethren I am delighted to welcome you all to this Special Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge – the 5th such Meeting in as many years albeit this is the first on a stand alone basis. The previous 4 Meetings have been under the banner of our Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge and I wish to thank the Lodge for all that it has done to establish this Meeting as a Major Event in our Provincial Calendar.
2. The burden of organising the Event now falls firmly on the Provincial Office and Provincial GDC but it could not take place without the continuing commitment and dedication of the Provincial Grand Stewards who have worked throughout the day to prepare the Lodge Room and ancillaries; and who will continue to work whilst we are enjoying our selves in the bar as they assist in the preparation of the Dining Area. I thank them all on your behalf.
3. I am also pleased to welcome the Guests of the Province who have already been introduced – the heads of other Masonic Orders whose support I greatly value and I thank them for their continuing commitment to the Craft. We are all working towards a strong Craft which will inevitably benefit the other Masonic Orders and our Annual Heads of Orders Meeting at the Provincial Office has been highly beneficial to us all.
4. I have explained in my Introduction in the Paper of Business the reason why this Special Meeting was introduced and I hope that you will all take the opportunity to read what I have said. It is a great privilege for me to be able to honour these special brethren and I pay tribute to them and all that they have done for the Craft. And I emphasise that although honours are usually awarded as an earnest of future performance, the majority of the brethren honoured this evening have done their bit – the honour is a reward for what they have done; but I have no doubt they will continue to contribute in the future

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