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Speaking at one of the Ground Breaking Ceremonies held to celebrate the start of the building works at each construction site, one of the students, a 15- year-old girl in her final year of Junior High School said:
“I could never be happier than when I heard that there are generous hearts
who will lead in constructing new classrooms here in school. For some, it may be a dream-come-true. For us students, it is a blessing.”
The return of these essential services is vital to the The project is on track to finish by the end of March 2015; once completed it will benefit an estimated 4,720 people in East and West Samar.
The new and upgraded buildings will be permanent structures with first-class facilities, built to withstand future disasters. The health centres will have crucial birthing facilities including scales, blood-pressure apparatus, examining tables with stirrups and wheelchairs. The schools will be stocked with blackboards, learning materials, tables, chairs, and toilets.

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