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12. It didn’t end there! In April this year, the Trust was morphed (if I can use that word loosely) into the Masonic Charitable Foundation which also took responsibility for the other three great Masonic Charities including the Grand Charity. The decision of the Trust to become part of the Masonic Charitable Foundation was taken in this Province last year and so it’s fair to say that our Province, during our Festival period, played a significant part in the Trust’s destiny.
13. The establishment of the Masonic Charitable Foundation is the next stage in the evolution of Masonic Charity which began over 200 years ago - and is an example of how Freemasonry has adapted and changed over the years to keep pace with changes in the wider community. All funds under one roof will enable the Charity to respond to different and changing needs as required. Over the past twelve months the Masonic Charitable Foundation and those for which it is responsible have awarded in excess of 4.8 million pounds to the wider non-Masonic Community. £4.8 in one year.
14. The Trust now exists as a ring-fenced entity within the MCF and so all the monies raised during the Festival will be disbursed by the MCF in accordance with the objects of the Trust.
15. The work of the Trust and the Masonic Charitable Foundation and its predecessors has enhanced the reputation of Freemasonry and Freemasons over the ages - it is an essential part of Freemasonry and all that we do and is providing enormous charitable support within the Craft and for the wide community. Long may that continue.
16. I ask you all to rise and join with me in a toast the RMTGB and the MCF.
Mike Wilks 22 October 2016
Festival President’s Response to his Toast proposed by the Assistant Grand Master
1. Thank you AGM for your kind words. It is very much my privilege to steward this wonderful Province and on behalf of the Province I thank you for joining us today to celebrate this remarkable achievement by our brethren.
2. May I also thank the Deputy Lieutenants, the Mayor and Mayoress of Bournemouth,
the leader of the New Forest District Council, and our other guests and their consorts and partners for joining us on this very special occasion.
3. I cannot let the occasion go by without mentioning my brother Provincial Grand Masters from neighbouring Provinces, including the Isle of Man (with which Province I share a particular passion) and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of North Wales which will be hosting the 2017 Festival for the Trust.
4. The occasion is one of celebration following the Festival Period of 6 years.
Brethren across our Province have worked hard throughout that period and I have mentioned them and thanked them during my toast to the Trust when I also mentioned that caring for those less fortunate has underpinned our Festival giving.
5. However, Freemasonry is very much part of the community and there are many charitable causes in the community which need support. And so throughout the Festival

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