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Wilf’s will power
In a moving and emotional ceremony at the Lodge of Hospitality 7927 Wilf Candler raised himself from his wheelchair and into the Chair of King Solomon.
W Bro Wilf sadly passed away three days later and only by sheer force of will and the assistance of lodge brethren was he able to achieve his ‘dream’.
The lodge in Farnborough was determined to see its much-loved brother reach the highest office it has in its power to confer.
Witnessing the installation was the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, William Withers, and his team of officers who were on an official visit.
Wilf, who was battling cancer, joined the lodge about ten years ago and had been through all the offices. Secretary Colin Howard said: “Wilf was determined to be installed as master and we as a lodge were determined to get him there, whatever it took.
“We wanted his name on our board with the list of Worshipful Masters because we love him.
“He was in hospital the day prior to his installation and his courage was simply astonishing. Getting into that chair was what kept him going and I’m so pleased we did it.”
At the festive board Wilf, holding back tears, said: “I’d like to thank all those who have worked so hard to make my dream come true.” A long, standing ovation followed.
The Assistant Provincial Grand Master said: “It was a privilege to witness Wilf ascend to the Chair of King Solomon.
“His determination was extraordinary and the brethren of the lodge assisted him with great love and kindness. “It was a very special evening and all our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.”
Wilf had chosen the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice as his charity for the year. He had been receiving help from the staff there.
RIP W. Bro Wilf Candler 1943-2016

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